Amesville, Ohio: A Place Called Home

I grew up in a large Metropolitan Area – Chicago Heights, Illinois. It was suburban; my big idea as a teenager was to move to the city. I loved the energy and anonymity of the city.

Once married, I lived in Kirksville Missouri, back then it was a very small town. I soon discovered the joys of living in a small town. No doubt because it was a college town, I had great friends and so many unforgettable moments. Soon enough, I found that I could not imagine living in the big city, especially with children in tow.

Living in a small town is easy. The drive to the post office, bank or small grocery store/gas station is about seven minutes or 2 1/2 miles. It is a a beautiful drive  . . . it looks a lot like the drawing The Ohio Company.  In Amesville, there are no traffic lights.  There is very little traffic. There are very few residents; around 150-200 lucky people live here..

I enjoy the drives into town. I swear that I will not describe it as bucolic; but you should know that many others  have described it in just those terms. It is very quiet.

We ship our orders from our little shop on Etsy at the post office in Amesville. The most important thing about the post office is that there has never been a line of people. Not once. The postmaster is pleasant and kind – and patient. The post office opens at noon and closes at four o’clock.

Amesville Ohio Post Office
Inside Amesville Ohio Post Office

Across from the post office, there is little park.



Looking to the east, I see the bank which is across from the park. I also can observe the usual Saturday morning traffic.

Community Bank in Amesville, Ohio
Community Bank in Amesville, Ohio


If I look to the west, there is the a community building; meetings for local residents and yoga classes and other delights. I need to learn to take the time so that I can participate . . . the website for Village Productions. Bragging rights – they were honored as the “best volunteer group” in the State of Ohio in 2014.

Amesville Ohio
Amesville Ohio

That’s all for now. . . a peek into every day life in paradise.







Written by Putnam & Speedwell

Historian. Collector. Curator.