Plain Old White Ironstone Bowls

A good chili bowl should hold chili. A better than good bowl for chili should not be too wide  – leave the wide bowl for cereal. A wide bowl holds the contents certainly but the narrower width means that the chili will cool down quicker. Maybe a small thing. But early pottery manufacturers in Ohio recognized these small yet critical differences for the food service industry – restaurants, hotels, trains and later plane.


Ironstone Chili Bowl, Warwick China

Durability mattered; certainly, but so did style. The shape and form of these “plain old white” bowls is certain proof that form and function were married perfectly.


They do not make bowls like this anymore. The needs of the modern food service industries changed – lighter, more compact shapes were developed. But these old ironstone bowls strike a chord for collectors and cooks in the modern world.


McNicol China Chili Bowl


Plain Old White Chili Bowl, Buffalo China

Plain Old White Chili Bowl, Buffalo China


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