April Showers, Spring Flowers and Dandelion Bouquets

Already April. Spring.

Since the last post describing the world as our marketplace, we have been a little overwhelmed with the response. Such an honor it is.  The wares produced here in the Ohio Valley that once moved up and down the mighty Ohio River are now making their way across the globe via our little post office and then onto planes and trucks.

Already it is spring. It is raining – April showers do bring flowers. The wildflowers here in the foothills of the Appalachians are a never ending delight. Always there is something that I have not seen before – and some flowers that I want to see more like violets.

If there is one essential item that every mother needs – now that is one big assertion – that one essential item is a small vase for spring bouquets. I once called ours, “the dandelion vase.”  It is the small vase that is used for the precious bouquet of dandelions carried with such joy. “Mommy. Mommy. I found these flowers for you.” As a first time mother, those dandelions were carefully arranged in a tumbler of some sort. Looking a little forlorn – a little out of place and then of course, they looked a little weedy. But the sentiment overwhelms.

Yes the best wine tastes the same in a tumbler . . . to my mind. But sometimes the best wine deserves a more elegant presentation for those we love. For those moments we celebrate. And somedays, those moments seem so fleeting . . . until April.

In celebration of the rain, I found this wonderful old image at the website of the Bibliotheque NationaleEven if you do not speak one word of French the “virtual expositions” are amazing. It is a marketplace of ideas – a place wherein ideas are exchanged.  This old ABC book is a charmer – I love the way one of the letters has fallen or is out of place.


ABC Book at Gallica


A few small “dandelion” vases filled with spring flowers. In this case, they are old ceramic baby shoes – perfect for expectant parents . . .



Petite Ceramic Baby Shoe with Spring Violets



Vintage Baby Bootie with Bugleweed (Ajuga Reptans)


A very tiny white porcelain toothpick holder is now put to good use, me thinks.


Regal Lily of the Valley in a Vintage Toothpick Holder


A dandelion bouquet in a vintage restaurant white ironstone creamer – one of my favorites!


Dandelion Bouquet in an Small Ironstone Creamer

But of course, if you have some glass spice jars begging for a new use – because you cannot just let go of them – they work admirably. Even for just one freshly picked dandelion.


Happy Spring!