Vintage Restaurant Ware: A Sentimental Journey

Certainly restaurant ware was not produced to fill emotional needs. In fact these wares fulfilled highly practical needs for commercial accounts such as durability including chip resistance and heat resistance. The rounded edges of restaurant ware resisted chipping unlike dinnerware produced for homes. Later, large manufacturers like Syracuse developed dinnerware that saved space as kitchens became smaller or even new styles to conform to fast food dinettes with rectangular trays.

But still, pleasant times and important moments are often spent in very public places like restaurants or trains. Recently, I found a plate from the Lafayette Hotel in Marietta – an old hotel with a history that includes Rufus Putnam. In our family history however, my daughter and her husband spent their honeymoon at the Lafayette. Since they were growing heirloom plants, they could not leave the farm for long. They returned to the same hotel for their first anniversary. It was three days of bliss spent with the sweetest baby.

Back to the plate . . . there were two plates. The plates are not in the best condition – they have been well loved over the years – stained, chipped and scratched. But, still they are wonderful . . . even if they are from the Hotel Lafayette in Buffalo, New York. ┬áIf you know the answer about which Lafayette Hotel, please let me know.



Hotel Lafayette Plate, Warwick China