Bailey-Walker China: Blue and White Ironstone

Sometimes I look through a stack of plates with amazement. Really? Seventy-five years old? These plates are really that old? How in the world did they produce millions of plates, literally in the case of Bailey-Walker China Company and at the end of the day, have a quality product. As one writer has put it, the plates are “bullet proof.”


Plate, Bailey-Walker China (Bedford, Ohio), ca. 1930s

I believe it might have something to do with the fact that the potters, decorators and packers and all others associated with the potteries in Ohio, had a sense that this was their work – the finished plate was the fruit of their labor. In modern terms, the folks who worked there were invested in the company. . . Indeed, in the early accounts of the opening of Bailey-Walker pottery in Bedford Ohio, writers described the spontaneous parade and joy of the good citizens in Bedford. It was a day of celebration – the kilns would fire!

These ironstone dishes are a part of that spirit of excellence. They were produced in the 1930s – the back stamps bear the Bailey-Walker logo and the Albert Pick logo. The Albert Pick Company in Chicago distributed wares to restaurants and other industries.

Blue and White Ironstone Cup and Saucer, Bailey-Walker China

Blue and White Ironstone Cup and Saucer, Bailey-Walker China

If you like blue and white china then these will delight .  . . They are beautiful. The stylized floral reminds me of block prints from India or Provençal prints.  And, so practical. While I would  not use them for target practice, they will certainly survive the everyday of life in the home.


Blue and White Dessert Plate, Bailey-Walker China, ca. 1930s


One last note, if you know the name of this pattern – please share!


A Mix of Plates. Bailey-Walker with Johnson Brothers Snowhite Regency, Homer Laughlin Best China.The small plate at the very top of the stack, old white Ironstone from the cupboard.