Classic Americana: Heavy Old Diner Coffee Mug

Classic, curvy, heavy and durable coffee mug. The kind used in the local diner for years. From that less than glamorous beginning, mugs like these have become icons of the past. They were made to endure over time – in short, they don’t make them like this anymore.
– The lines were hand drawn – no two mugs are the same.
– Not poured into a mold, hand-fashioned on a wheel
– Vitrified by high temps, fired at 2200 degrees, the glaze fuses with the clay to form glass – resistant to stains, safe for the dishwasher.
– Because of the weight and thickness, this mug will keep your hot beverage warm for just a bit longer.

This beauty was produced by Sterling China Wellsville Ohio in the 1930s; the stamp is very early.

The classic white coffee mug was produced by Hall China in East Liverpool, Ohio, circa 1925

Both mugs weigh nearly 1.25 pounds


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Written by Putnam & Speedwell

Historian. Collector. Curator.