To begin with, who was Russel Wright?

Is the person behind the design more interesting than the design? In this case, I would say yes. The life of Russel Wright was a journey that led to Manitoga. His daughter, Annie, maintains that property today.
Enjoy this from the blog, Returning to Manitoga by Lara Allen.

Returning to Manitoga

RW Family with Ann and Mary Russel and Mary Wright with daughter Annie. ca 1951 (photo credit: unknown photographer, courtesy Manitoga, Inc.)

Russel Wright (1904-1976) was an American designer whose designs appear in the permanent collections of  MOMACooper-Hewitt, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Wright is often thought of as one of the first industrial designers and was active in the field from the 1920-1960s. By 1958, his American Modern dinnerware line  had sold over 250 million pieces.[1]

RW at desk Russel Wright in his NYC Studio (photo credit: photographer unknown, courtesy Manitoga, Inc.)

While Wright may be remembered for his tableware, his work stretched beyond the bounds of one product or one line. He and his wife/business partner Mary Wright applied design to an entire lifestyle, paving the road for the likes of Martha Stewart and Ralph Lauren.[2] The Wrights’ approach was collected in their book, “Guide to Easier Living

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