About Us

Historian. Collector. Curator.

I started life as an historian. At least, as far back as I can remember, I wanted to know why. Why do we dress the way that we do, why do we eat the food we eat and why do we do the things that we do?  As I later discovered, historians and ethnographers work at understanding how the past is present in everyday life. I still feel privileged that I have spent much of my life doing history.

The jump to collecting was not difficult at all – with all the free time that I had after my time in academia came to an end I began collecting bits and pieces of material culture. Each object begged a question, each object told a story. The skills necessary for historical research, spending days looking at fragments of a life and piecing these fragments together to tell the story of someone dead for five-hundred years, were perfect for design research as I constructed timelines in my head. Soon, the collection had filled the barn. So, there I was with a storehouse that soon became a business plan! Selling pieces from my cabinet of curiosities and my over-grown collection of pottery manufactured in this region allowed me to continue exploring niches and crannies for bits and pieces in an effort to understand our history. . . and write about that history.Taking all of these threads and weaving them together is a lifetime of work!

Environmental Engineer. Rabid Recycler. Collector.

Thrifty in the tradition of knowing there is a good use for this instead of the land fill. In my previous life, I managed large recycling systems in large cities and the safe storage of hazardous materials. There is only so much space to put the stuff we all waste. Housing a collection of materials useful and sometimes quirky; my limited space is burgeoning. My collection has been my hobby that has spanned over thirty years. Looking forward to passing these things on to others!


When he has time to spend in the country, we are lucky to have him. If you live in Columbus – he is your man. You can check out his work on his website.


  1. Meriam

    I love your site. I love the beauty and kindness that wrap your words.


  2. Persnicketyanne

    Your shop in The Plains looks so nice. I have admired the stuff on the porch many times. I have tried to come in to the shop many times, too, including today (Sat. October 24) but no one is EVER there. It is very frustrating. Could you post some hours at the shop? Are there hours when you are there?


    1. Sorry that it has taken so long to respond. Your question was so important, I have just added a post which I hope will answer your question.


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