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Spring Cleaning Tip: How to Clean Rugs

Last week, I rolled up a rug in the dining room. I was appalled at all of the dust and dirt under the rug. Really shocked . . .

As luck would have it, I had been reading an old book of household hints that predates Hints from Heloise by fifty years. I remembered the section,  “How to Clean a Rug.”


Notice that it is a man swinging that rug beater. No wonder  . . . there is no advice on how to find the guy who is freshening the rug.

And one last note, I was surprised to find that household advice and recipes had value. In the forward to Household Discoveries and Mrs. Curtis’s Cook Book, women were encouraged to send in their tips and recipes. The publisher paid one cent per word.





April Showers, Spring Flowers and Dandelion Bouquets

Already April. Spring.

Since the last post describing the world as our marketplace, we have been a little overwhelmed with the response. Such an honor it is.  The wares produced here in the Ohio Valley that once moved up and down the mighty Ohio River are now making their way across the globe via our little post office and then onto planes and trucks.

Already it is spring. It is raining – April showers do bring flowers. The wildflowers here in the foothills of the Appalachians are a never ending delight. Always there is something that I have not seen before – and some flowers that I want to see more like violets.

If there is one essential item that every mother needs – now that is one big assertion – that one essential item is a small vase for spring bouquets. I once called ours, “the dandelion vase.”  It is the small vase that is used for the precious bouquet of dandelions carried with such joy. “Mommy. Mommy. I found these flowers for you.” As a first time mother, those dandelions were carefully arranged in a tumbler of some sort. Looking a little forlorn – a little out of place and then of course, they looked a little weedy. But the sentiment overwhelms.

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Cozy Up to Vintage Handwoven Textiles

Is there a better way to add bright beautiful color to a corner or a sofa or a bed then with a colorful handwoven textiles? From hand crocheted afghans to hand woven Saltillo blankets – it seems like their color and beautiful details add so much to any environment. Especially since no two pieces are exactly alike.

In the winter or a chilly night in any season, a pile of blankets is comforting. On one of those nights, when hibernating seems like part of the natural rhythm of life . . . grab an afghan or a blanket, pick up that book or maybe even, watch the final season of Downton Abbey.

A stack of vintage textiles - runners, rugs, afghan and Saltillo blankets.

A stack of vintage textiles – runners, rugs, afghan and Saltillo blankets.

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Ready for Chili – Vintage Restaurant China



Shenango China, Strawberry Hill Oval Plate with Chile Bowl By Buffalo China with Maroon Airbrushed Trim

Selling Pieces of the Past: The World is Your Marketplace

Governor  James Rhodes brought the dream of the Appalachian Highway to life with a lot of political capital earned over the span of a long political career. Born and raised in Southern Ohio, his efforts on behalf of the people and the economy of Appalachian Ohio are still remembered. Jimmy, as the old timers call him, is a local hero.


Appalachian Highway, Wikipedia.


Others traveling through the region might read the roadside sign dedicated to his memory. As one newspaper reported:

On its long, empty stretches, the James A. Rhodes Appalachian Highway gives drivers green vistas of southern Ohio’s rolling hills. This is not the green that planners had in mind.

The need for connecting roads was felt long before Governor Rhodes. H. R. Wylie, the owner of the pottery in Huntington, was very active in politics on the West Virginia side of the Ohio River. Mr. Wylie lobbied for support, invested a great deal of money to effect change and even entertained the idea of running for state office. Roads were essential for commerce – which as every school boy knows is good for the people.


A Railroad Tunnel Built in the Late 19th Century, Moonville, Ohio.

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Victorian Fashion: Unmentionables, Cat’s Pajamas and Nightwear

I love the euphemism unmentionables. I love the irony of the word. After all, once said, they are mentionable. Imaginations must have been stirred by the mere mention of unmentionables. But beyond the intimate world of  private conversation, unmentionables were described and depicted in the public sphere – in catalogs, journals and magazines. The boom in popular magazines for homemakers, you might say, allowed a peek under the petticoat.

Gibson Girl Style, Antique Postcard, I Saw Everything Going On

Gibson Girl Style, Antique Postcard, I Saw Everything Going On


Images of prepubescent boys flipping through the Sears catalog or Ladies Home Journal make us smile in this day and age.  As late as the sixties, television censors would not show the brassiere on “real women.”  Things do change. Imagine wearing a corset. Imagine needing another pair of hands to pull laces tight or undo them at night. Imagine the Bullet Bra . . .

Imagine the Bullet Bra

Imagine the Bullet Bra


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Rare Vintage Woven Wicker Picnic Basket

Rare Red-Man Vintage Picnic Basket

Rare Red-Man Vintage Picnic Basket


This picnic basket is supported with an oak frame and split oak base; double-wooden handle and brass tacks and hinges. The woven wicker top is supported by fiber board. Notice the diamond accent also woven in wicker. This basket is a real beauty.

Ohio River Pottery: Pope-Gosser China

In the early twentieth century, Mr. Wells the president of Homer Laughlin China Company appeared before a Congressional Committee on tariffs to plead the case of American Potteries. He argued that foreign wares, particularly German and Japanese imports, were given an unfair advantage in the current laws governing tariffs. One of the committee members questioned whether or not quality china was produced in the United States. Mr. Wells gave two examples, first he spoke about Sebring Pottery and then he produced examples produced by Pope-Gosser Company. He confessed that Pope-Gosser produced very little of the beautiful china except for their reputation. Most of the white ware then produced was a much lower quality because of the price competition.

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Vintage Fashion: An Old Fashioned Wedding

Sometimes I “meet” people on Etsy who speak to me far beyond their email or convo in Etsy speak. In fact, I think that I have been so lucky to meet so many kind and generous people on Etsy. But one day, I discovered that a pair of gloves was going to be worn at a wedding. Imagine that . . . a wedding in Texas. A pair of sheer pink gloves that are much like the pair pictured in this advertisement.

Sheerio Gloves Ad

Sheerio Gloves Ad


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True Romance: The Perfect Picnic Spot

“Let’s have a picnic.”  Yes!  Gather the supplies and pack the food. The adventure really begins once we are all in the car. We must find the “perfect” picnic spot. At first, we pass places that are not shady enough, parks with too many people or for one reason or other they are “not quite right.” As time passes and the sun wanes, boredom sets in and hunger prevails, not-so-perfect picnic spots look so much better – even you might say, perfect.

My favorite book describing the hunt for a perfect picnic spot is “The Bears Picnic” by the Berenstain Brothers. Even though it has been a long long time since I have read it to a child, whenever I think about picnics, I think about the bears’ picnic. I enjoyed reading another take on this book at Write Run Repeat. The perfect spot,  of course, is very close – no need to travel at all  – a backyard picnic is a joyful idea.

Bears Picnic

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A New Look for a Vintage Filigree Vanity Tray: Mason Jars and Milk Glass

I often wonder about the new homes for the vintage treasures that we send. Taryn paired a 1950s mirrored filigree vanity tray with painted ball jars and then added a glass knob.  . . . what a great new look for a vintage tray.

Vintage Filigree Mirrored Tray with Vanity Jars. Ball Jars painted white - Voila! New use for Ball Jars.

Vintage Filigree Mirrored Tray with Vanity Jars. Ball Jars painted white – Voila! New use for Ball Jars.

Celebrate Our Storefront with this Guatemalan Tote Bag

Time to celebrate . . who doesn’t love to give? We’re giving this beautiful Guatemalan tote bag to one lucky person. We will select one name randomly on Saturday, August 22.  Just leave a comment on our Facebook Page – what do you like best about this bag?

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