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Amesville, Ohio: A Place Called Home

I grew up in a large Metropolitan Area – Chicago Heights, Illinois. It was suburban; my big idea as a teenager was to move to the city. I loved the energy and anonymity of the city.

Once married, I lived in Kirksville Missouri, back then it was a very small town. I soon discovered the joys of living in a small town. No doubt because it was a college town, I had great friends and so many unforgettable moments. Soon enough, I found that I could not imagine living in the big city, especially with children in tow.

Living in a small town is easy. The drive to the post office, bank or small grocery store/gas station is about seven minutes or 2 1/2 miles. It is a a beautiful drive  . . . it looks a lot like the drawing The Ohio Company.  In Amesville, there are no traffic lights.  There is very little traffic. There are very few residents; around 150-200 lucky people live here..

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